Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Happy New Year

Another January, another flying start to the year. I finished up sewing quite early in December to give myself a much needed break and also to ease myself into the Christmas spirit. It was the first Christmas in years where I didn't take part in any swaps & I didn't sew anything Christmas related either - other than a few embroidery hoops that don't count.

I opted out of the Modern Irish Quilters Bee last year and this one too. Although I did enjoy the Bee I did in 2012 I found it quite stressful. 2012 was a terrible year for me health wise I was in hospital a lot and found my months stacking up. Now there was absolutely no pressure put on me, and the ever wonderful Sarah sorted everything out. All the Bee ladies were very sweet and understanding. BUT I still did feel that completely self inflicted pressure - I don't know why, but I did. 

I suffer from a very rare and debilitating illness which leaves me in considerable pain. I cannot tell from one week to the next how I will be, so it is important for me to be clever with my workload and commitments. I used to get carried away with wanting to sew everything and offer crazy quick turnarounds on orders but I finally copped on and gave myself space and time to do what I can. If I can't physically do anything for a few days then that's fine.

Sooooo when I saw Judith's Bee blessed Block of the Month on the MQGI blog I made a commitment to myself to make a handful of these blocks every month. What's great about this is I don't have to worry if I miss a month, I can always make it back when I feel I can and I'll get to participate and learn some new blocks into the bargain. You never know I might even make one of the Bee's sewing days in Belfast sometime in 2015 if I'm able for it!

So January's block was the Maple Leaf, a block I've never made before and have been meaning to try out. I really enjoyed making them and they got me back in the sewing saddle after 5 weeks off!

January BOM for Bee Blessed 

So, once I got my sewing boots on I wanted to make a pillow case to match the quilt I made for my girl Sophie in late last year. The quilt is a random mix of 3" squares from a huge variety of fabrics. The finished quilt measures 60" x 80" so it can grow with her. 

The old pillowcases whilst still pretty, didn't quite match the quilt. I am so happy with the result and it's so nice to visualise something and get it done! Now the only thing left to do in her room is everything else! 

And an added bonus was her reaction! Seriously I didn't think she would be a bit bothered or even notice but she loved it, gave it a squeeze and laid her head on it, what more can a mother ask?

Geraldine x


  1. Love the maple leaves - I need to make a whole quilt of them too!!!

  2. Love the quilting on the pillow cases. I made 2 maple leaf blocks last year and couldn't believe how quick they were to make and fun too!

  3. Does she like the texture of the crosshatch? Marged can sit for ages sometimes just sucking her thumb and stroking a cushion with crosshatch quilting!

    It's a beautiful pillow to go with a beautiful quilt x

  4. Maple leaf blocks are fast and fun to make. I remember when you were quite sick. Glad things are better now : )

  5. Your cushion is absolutely beautiful! Your choice of fabrics are super and the quilting is just amazing - simple, but totally effective. Hashes are harder than they look, aren't they? Super finish.