Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Tilda photos as promised

Firstly a little peek inside that fabric shop I was telling you about. There were a great selection of fabrics to choose from. 

 Here you can see which ones I decided on...

Monday, 29 October 2012

Back from hols..

Just back today from a week in Portugal, it was so relaxing and chilled out. Kids manged fine without me, in fact they managed super fine without me! Hubby had the house spotless and all the laundry done so full marks for him too. Maybe I should go away more often. Walking to the nearby town I wondered aloud about whether or not there would be anyway selling fabric, my sisters groaned and then as luck would have it we turned a corner and found the most fabulous craft and fabric store.

It was the first time I have seen Tilda fabric and I fell in love. The cotton is super soft and the quality is second to none. I ended up spending a large amount of my budget on fabric and then I found out that they were holding a Purse workshop the next day. I went the next afternoon and found myself in the middle of 10 Portuguese women where only one spoke a little English. It didn't matter much though as I really enjoyed it and could follow what they were doing without any mishap. But when I saw the work-space I realised there were no sewing machines and we were to hand sew the purse, ha ha ha.

Well fast forward to nearly 4 hours later and I left holding my new purse. I'm pretty happy with the result and gave it to my sister. I will post photos of the fabric I bought tomorrow as I want to show them in daylight to convey them at their best. I'll catch up on all your blogs this evening and I wish everyone a happy and productive mid term, if that's possible!

Geraldine x

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

So much to do

I got into a bit of an iPhone cover making groove this week which is good, but I really should have more to show than just these. I can't even explain why I haven't done more, sometimes I just find it hard to get into sewing mode and that's what I am suffering from. I'm off to Portugal today so there will be nothing done this week, maybe I just need to recharge the batteries to get going again. Have a good week everyone :)

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A little progress

It's been a funny week since I blogged last. Sophie has been sick yet again. Which is very unusual for her. She was extremely quiet and pale last Thursday when she came home from school and is still off. A quick trip to the hospital on Saturday was needed for an IV and back home again in the knowledge that it wasn't anything sinister. She is almost back to her best so normal life will resume.

She has been stuck to me for the last week, even including holding my hand while I'm on the laptop so I'm punching in my entries with one hand!!!

I have finished up a clutch of iPhone covers this week, they are very bright and cheery and I'm really happy with them.

I worked on some Christmas placemats last week and I did the binding this week as it was good to have some hand sewing to do while a certain someone was draped across me.

And finally I made a Santa Christmas tree decoration, I found it impossible to do the full figure so settled on just his head. I'm happy with him though as he's quite cute!

I'm going to work on my Christmas Tree Angel Decorations now as I think the ones I made a too fat for their heads! Sometimes sketches work on paper but not so much in reality.

So happy sewing everyone :)

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Another week gone...

My goodness time is flying by, I can't believe that it's a week since I last posted here. I've been really busy all week designing new felt decorations and piecing together some table mats. I love being busy with sewing, I wasn't so busy with hoovering, cleaning, ironing.....

I tried bunting for the first time too, I really enjoyed it and think it looks great. My sister has given me a challenge of deigning a felt Santa as a xmas decoration. Now he's quite a complicated fellow so I'm still figuring out that one!

It's really nice having some hand sewing for the evenings but I seem to have gotten a bit of a cold so now I'm just wrecked! I was really doing well today as well, as I was trying to ignore the familiar feeling of aching bones. But then this evening I sat down on the couch and haven't moved since!!!

Chat soon 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Look away now if you don't want to think about Christmas!

Okay, so I've been hard at work trying to build up my stock for the few Christmas Fairs that I'm attending. Last year I made a variety of Christmas decorations supposedly for family but...ahem, they ended up been shipped off to various other homes!

So now it's that time of year again and I've decided to play around with some felt based decorations and these are some of them. 

I'm really happy with how they are turning out and I've already put in another order for more felt as you do get through it quickly. I did expect that to happen though and when you are designing new things there is I find a certain amount of waste from experimentation.