Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sew free zone

Oh my God this weather is doing nothing for my sewing, cups of coffee outside reading the Sunday papers was how I spent yesterday. I was even too lazy to go upstairs to put on sunscreen and now am sporting a fine farmers tan. Today went pretty much the same way even though it wasn't even as sunny. You might think that means I don't have any pressure on this week, but in fact the opposite is true. I have so much cutting out to do. A catalog to make etc; Tomorrow I'll be unstoppable I just know it! At least I have done most of the housework so I can't use that as an excuse. As I have no photos of sewing so show I'll post a photo of where we spent Saturday.

Rosses Point - Sligo

Thursday, 24 May 2012

What glorious sunshine we're having. It's harder to stay sitting in behind the sewing machine. I've been busy catching up with some orders. I'll share this photo of a cute personalised cushion I've made for a boy.

I've a lot of cutting ahead of me. I've lot's of aprons to make as I'm taking part in the Christ Church Cathedral Craft Market on June 4th. I'm going home to Sligo for the weekend and the weather is promised to be great so hopefully we might make it to a beach on Saturday. 

I hope you all have a great weekend and make the most of the good weather.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Quilt finish

Well I had a very busy weekend sewing and managed to get my quilt finished. I'm so happy with the way it turned out and am delighted with the shade of green I chose for the back as it really compliments it.

I used a thinner binding than usual on this and really like it, it's nice to experiment with a different aspect from quilt to quilt. 

Looks can be deceiving, even though this is a simple design it shows up any imperfections. After I had the quilt top stitched the column on the right looked slightly off and sure enough when I measured it against the others there was a 2mm difference in the tiers. So I had to unpick it realign it and do it again. But it was worth it as there is nothing worse than something niggling at you every time you look at something you've made.

As I have the complementary Riley Blake fabric in the girls Alphabet Soup, I'm tempted to make a girls version to match this. I haven't fully decided yet so any suggestions are welcome. In one way it's nice to try something different with each quilt but then again I'm so pleased with this one I'm considering it.

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Friday, 18 May 2012

Well, it's freezing out, pouring rain and the heat is on full blast. I finished piecing the quilt today, I decided to go with this design.

The light is very poor so believe me when I say it looks better in person. I was going to use a light grey as the backing but didn't have a large enough piece so I nipped out to Hickeys and picked up a lovely green which goes really well with it. 

I was rummaging through material holding onto a few scraps to make sure I got the right one. I was thinking of using an orange but to be honest I decided against it in the end as it was too strong and it might keep a child awake instead of sending them off to sleep.

I'm thinking of using a black binding on this, like I did on my boy's transport quilt.

There are little bits of black in the main fabric, but I usually make my final decision on binding when all the quilt is done. As we are promised this weather for the weekend I might get a good bit of sewing done so hopefully will make good headway with this quilt over the weekend. Hope everyone has a good weekend, despite the weather.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

New quilt start

Well here's to my first post, thanks for taking the time to stop by. I'm going to be updating the gallery etc; over the coming days, but I thought I may as well get started.

After lots of cushions and iPad covers it's time to start planning a new quilt. I've decided on a boys quilt this time and am going to use some of the Alphabet Soup fabric from Riley Blake.

I love the strong colours in this selection and hope to have a simple but striking quilt at the end of it. Well that's the plan anyway. I've started cutting and will get a start on piecing tonight when my little girl is in bed. I really wanted to team some grey fabric with this but am slightly short of it, so white it will be. I seriously can't buy any more fabric at the moment as I may well get shot! 

Nobody warns you of this addiction, not only to sewing and quilting but also to fabric shopping. Now believe me when I say that I HATE shopping, but fabric shopping, now that's a different beast altogether. It's the same way I feel about shopping for art supplies. Heaven, just pure and simple.