Sunday, 30 September 2012

Cold and tired :(

I was out at a birthday party on Friday night and I'm still exhausted. This is why I rarely go out, I'm just not able for it!!!Added to which the carpenter while putting in the skirting board put a nail in the gas pipe so I was up at 2am waiting for the gas board to come and shut off the gas etc; So now I'm still tired and cold, but that's why God invented fleeces! I have one wrapped around me while typing this so really I should stop complaining and thank my hubby who has a better sense of smell than me for figuring out that 'no Geraldine that's not a glue smell' who knew that a lack of smelling power can be a dangerous thing. One of the most underrated senses. 

Anyway back to the sewing, I have finished hand binding about 20 Christmas Mug Rugs/Coasters. I'm calling them my 'winter window mug rugs' I know that really hand sewing binding is a bit extravagant for that many mug rugs, but I just can't seem to sew binding on the machine to a standard that I'm happy with. Plus I do enjoy a bit of hand sewing in the evening in front of the TV.

I have a baby girl quilt order that I need to start designing and I also have a tonne more of Xmas themed items to work on.

But for now I think I'll have a quick nap, this fleece is very comfy!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunny Sunday round up

Okay so between kids, appointments and a heap of other non sewing activities I didn't get very much done at all this week. I have a heap of pot holders and mug rugs that need binding so I might sort some of that out later on. 

This week I did however receive 2 beautiful place mats from Sarah at I really have loved Sarah's hand quilting technique so I was very happy to have some of it to myself. So the picture below is my two new place mats, forgive the photo I can't find my camera charger so I'm relying on my phone. Now I do know what room the charger is in but I can't face even opening the door because it's just a nightmare of stuff that I need to sort out. I'm perversely tempted to actually post a photo of my sitting room here, but I guess I don't know you guys well enough ha ha ha. In my defense we are in the middle of a house rejuvenation! (also known as a house ripping apart and then putting back together again really really slowly) are the beautiful place mats..

All my family like them, even my daughter Sophie liked them, she gave them a good rub and declared 'mmmm nice..' It's so funny the way she says it. A day later my son says 'you know these are really lovely' so at this stage I'm like, 'bloody hell, enough already I never hear this much praise for my stuff' ha ha

Then later on my hubby goes, 'Lennie loves the place mats too' and here she is

Now, I love my cat. But she is NEVER allowed on any table kitchen surface etc; But my word it was hard getting her off this mat. Last night she jumped up on the chair and was looking for the mat again! and get this: She only likes the blue one. Strange cat. 

Have a good Sunday everyone.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

So much to do....

I have received a good few parcels of fabric in the last week, I am only waiting on one order of buttons and then that's me done for the foreseeable.

I was asked if I could make a retro half apron this week, I loved the way it turned out. I hope the customer is happy too when she gets it.

I've also started making some zippered pouches this week, I'm making flat ones in a variety of sizes and I'm also making some boxed pouches. One of the nicest things is to match which fabrics to use for the exterior and for the linings. 

I'm still pretty slow at making them but I know that will speed up the more I make. Okay I'm off to do some more pouches, cya.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Well the rain hasn't stopped all morning and after the fabulous weather on Saturday it's a little hard to take. I was hoping that it might last another week. I finished the last of my baby boy quilts and I'm really happy with it.

Just as I finished the quilt top I was reading Judith's blog post Just Jude: A Vintage Year! and was inspired to try my hand at straight line quilting. I loved Judith's quilt and how she quilted it. So after a couple of questions and some great advice from Judith, I finished mine. I was unsure of how to do the border, but the parallel lines look great and I hope the beautiful baby boy himself will love his gift.

This is certainly not going to be my last foray into straight line quilting, I loved it and will be trying it again soon. 

I have a lot of stock that needs replenishing and will be working on that for the coming weeks in preparation for Christmas fairs. I know I know, it seems a bit early but the time is flying. 

Hope you all have a great week, I'm expecting some fab fabric later on this week so I will post up my latest and LAST fabric purchases for the next couple of months.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

August giveaway ....again!

Hi all, well I've waited a week and as Jen never claimed the prize I've done another draw. The winner is Cal. Well done x