Monday, 14 January 2013

Monday dreaming

It was so cold on Sunday that I didn't venture out to buy fabric, I will get round to it at some time this week. I've been thinking of lots of different lines that I want to explore this year. One of those things is to create a personalised Easter Egg hunt basket that can be used year in and year out. So without further ado here is one that I made for my daughter Sophie. It has a longish handle so that little kids will have more chance of racing about without tipping out all their hard won finds! 

Now even though these colours aren't especially girly I wonder should I make the boys one a little more masculine? It's so hard to figure this stuff out, I'd lose the ribbon anyway and maybe go for a more boyish fabric. Is the chick girlish? the things you have to think of!

Looking through my stash I see that I have quite a lot of greys and muted low value tones. I am obviously drawn to them yet I see that I have some from 18 months ago. Stored and looked at often but not used. I'm thinking of creating a nice sized quilt for myself with these colours. I have to think of the design but I'm playing around with a few ideas.

Well I hope everyone's Monday is shaping up well, x

1 comment:

  1. How cute! I like the coloring a lot - could be boy or girl. If you're worried about the chick being too girly, you could always put an Easter egg on for a boy?