Sunday, 8 July 2012

Well it's shaping up to be a really busy week.  I have a lovely quilt order in for a really nice lady.   She want's a lot of greens and creams and below are the ones I'm going to use.  These are really beautiful fabrics and I'm looking forward to figuring out what design I'm going to settle on.  I will keep it quite modern I think but maybe with a nod to the traditional.  We'll see.

So the beginning of July is supposed to mean that summer days are in full swing but in Ireland it means that it's more than likely pouring with rain and your kids are under your feet.  So I have come up with a great solution, get them working for you !!

Here is my beautiful daughter Sophie trying her hand at my sewing machine

I'm also taking part in my first mini quilt swap which was fantastic.  I was paired with a lovely lady in Atlanta,  I really enjoyed working to such a small scale as it allows you to try something that you wouldn't have the patience to do for a full quilt.  I'll post a photo of what I did soon.

I'm also taking part in the Modern Irish Bee which kicks off this month.  This will be my first one and I was very excited to see my fabric bundle arrive in the post.  Sarah from FairyFace Designs is hosting the first one and her choice of fabrics and blocks are gorgeous.  A really great start to what I believe will be a great experience.

Chat soon and I hope that everyone had a great weekend. I was in Sligo celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary. It was a fantastic weekend spent with family and neighbours.

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  1. Hi.Still enjoying your blog! Thank you! I've started one too, now,( wanted to know how you got involved in the mini quilt swaps? Is this just an Irish thing (2 other blogs I follow, also mention them, and they're Irish). Would love to know, if you get the chance to reply. Many thanks....And keep up the good work!!