Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Modern Baby

Okay so it appears that I've somewhat lost my blogging mojo, that is of course if I ever had it to begin with. Since returning to the land of the upright I have been very busy indeed. I'm not sure if there is a baby boom going on but the quilts are flying out of here at a rate of knots. But more of that later. Firstly I've been very remiss in giving a review of the 'Modern Baby' Quilting book.

My friend Sarah has a quilt in here and I was very eager to get my grubby mitts on this book. I have a thing with quilt patterns. I love original and innovative patterns, something that hasn't been made before. I do wonder though over patterns that have been around for an age and creating a pattern for them and labeling them 'not for commercial use'.

In fact this is the first Quilting book that I own. I love a good few patterns in here, and the presentation and photos are wonderful. For a slim volume it really is jam packed full of patterns, which is great. Here are my 3 favourites although there are more that I love too, they just didn't make it into my top 3. I'm a harsh critic I know.

This is Sarah's quilt from FairyFace Designs.
 I love the fact that she takes all these quilting shapes and incorporated that
 into a popular and worldwide known children's toy. Very clever.

'Bubbles' Love this guy, can imagine this for a boy.

'Bird House' Love that they included an applique design in here.
This is very cute and whimsical.

The 'Bubbles' & 'Birdhouse Quilt' are two other favourites. The quilts featured will suit a beginner as well as a proficient quilter. All of the instructions are clear and precise throughout, so there really is something for everybody in this book.

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  1. We have that book at the shoppe where I work. It's very sweet as are these quilts