Thursday, 8 August 2013

I'm back!

Well, that's  been quite a break since my last post. I'm very happy to report that I'm back on my feet and have dived straight back into sewing in the last couple of weeks.

I've made 2 quilts and have another 3 on order so it's very busy. As well as the quilts there have been other orders of cushions, bunting and one of my knitted bunnies. More than enough to keep me going. I am taking it easy though too and am giving myself plenty of time for the makes and everyone has been most kind saying they are in no rush. There are frequent afternoon naps needed too!

It's my turn to host the Modern Irish sewing Bee and everyone in the bee has been very patient with my lateness! I'm choosing a HST block, I haven't figured out yet what configuration I'll use in the end. It's all part of the fun.

I received 2 care packages while I was in hospital from 2 of my quilting buddies. They were so thoughtful and were gratefully received. Sarah from FairyFace Designs sent me up the cutest pouch full of hexies, paper templates, thread and needles. It was a fantastic diversion for me as the weeks go pretty slowly when you are confined to bed. Kirstie from Miranda and Lu also sent me up the most beautiful box full of quilty goodness, mini quilting book, fabric squares, a little notebook and more. I was very appreciative of these gifts and will treasure them.

My fab gift from Kirstie 
My fab gift from Sarah

 Below is quilt that I made 2 weeks ago for my beautiful nephew Oscar, I am also going to make a matching bumper in the next few weeks.

Watch this space as I am planning a giveaway when I get myself organised and I also want to share with you my thoughts on my first ever quilting book.

Take care x


  1. I'm so happy you are up and around Geraldine. I think of you often. Your quilt is gorgeous

  2. How fabulous that you are back in Blog Land! Hooray!! Welcome back!! And the quilt is absolutely lovely! xx

  3. I'm so glad you're back and feeling better! This post is just filled with pretties - you've brightened my morning :)

  4. Its great to have you back! Love the quilt you made for Oscar :-)

  5. So very, very happy you are on the mend. And sewing like mad too from the sounds of things! Where do you get all these orders from, and good for you?!

  6. Glad to hear you are back on your feet Sophie, gorgeous quilt for Oscar and wonderful goodies! Fi