Friday, 19 April 2013

8th day in bed

My usual position

Do you know when you are up to your eyes with kids, jobs, sewing, etc; you dream of a few days in bed where you can read and relax, catch up on TV and so on . Yeah well by day 8 it's a pain in the ass. What has to happen so that you are in bed means being really sick so that sucks too.

My back has been giving me trouble for some time now and last Thursday it went completely, it was excruciating and luckily I had my Mum and my sister with me and I called my hubby to come home asap. I ended up getting an ambulance into A&E and spent the night on a trolley they gave me strong drugs and sent me home. I was so glad to get home again, I hate hospitals and am always afraid that i'll pick up a bug as I'm that way inclined.

I know it's a bit of a mess but the light is fab and it will
make a great new sewing room when I'm up and about
So total bed rest was the only thing, luckily we have a pull out bed in what will soon be my new sewing room and it's incredibly comfy. I can't manage the stairs so it's great to have a bed on the ground floor, it's also great because the kids pop in and out and I hear all the goings on so I don't feel too isolated.

My Mum was up with me when all this happened and we were making Sophie's Communion dress while my back went and now it's half done. Her Communion is 2 weeks today. I'm refusing to panic. I have other orders in and sewing bee blocks, but everyone has been so kind and are willing to wait until I'm on my feet.

Now I know that my hubby is very capable, but he's been absolutely fantastic. He's remembering all of my meds, they have to be written down as there are so many and when my pain patches come off and on. He's managing the kids and their various appointments really well and Sophie who has just gone to school is sporting a very neat hairstyle! It was a bit rough on Monday but by the end of the week he has it mastered. Feck romance, it's when your husband brings you and helps you sit on the loo then that's love for you! ha ha ha

Reading everyone's blogs is great, I love to hear what you are all up to and what projects you are all working on. I'm missing sewing so much it's like an ache in my tummy. There are so many things I want to get working on but can't. I know I'm in love with sewing but didn't quite know the extent of that love until this week.

So, keep blogging, I'm enjoying every single one.

Geraldine x

I would be totally lost without this stick that my brother in law had


  1. Aw no! I feel for you and hope you are up and about and feeling less sore soon. Your husband sounds like a keeper:-)

  2. Oh dear! What a nuisance for you. I'm so glad hubby is handling things. Now that I know you are laid up, I will try to pop you a quick note of encouragement from time to time. Don't stress as it seems to affect our weak spot. I was laid up once but not for that long. Blessings on your day. Glad you can read still

  3. Is the stick for clobbering the kids with? Just joking! Sorry to hear you are still not doing well. Hope that whatever went out of place pops back to where it should be soon, very very soon. And to keep you entertained I shall continue to blog. ;-)

  4. Oh no!, I hope you get well soon! On the positive side it will be a precious time to plan projects, shop around for fabrics (online of course!), threads, ......

  5. Dreadful to hear you're still laid up....even if it is in a pretty room. I know of tiny little quilt I could send you, to cheer (???!!!) you up, if you like? Would make a very nice duster? Haven't blogged for a while, as I'm working on yet another birthday present, that I can't show yet, and spending FAR too much precious sewing time, standing on various football pitches!!! Thinking of you, and hoping above hope that you'll be up and about, pain free, very soon. xx

  6. When my back went I ended up having an operation for a slipped disc but I don't think I should mention that! I know how you feel.