Sunday, 27 October 2013

October finishes

It's been a busy few weeks and this post is going to be photo heavy. Now some of these makes were September but I couldn't post until the receiver received so here we go.
First up is 2 heart quilts.

There are shamrocks in the quilting detail

Next up is a boy quilt, in a diamond design

Next up are 2 farm quilts. I got two separate requests for cows and tractors within a week of each other! Luckily I always add more than I need with my fabric orders.

First up is a farm chevron quilt.

Second farm quilt and matching bumper

And here are some photos of the bumper in the making, 4.5 meters of binding and 16 1 meter ties too!

Next up is a quilt for a baby called Annabelle

Okay I think that's it! there have been more makes but seriously I don't want to make this post even more photo heavy than it is. If any of you guys have stuck it this far, thank you! and I'll be in touch again soon x


  1. All as beautiful as ever! Lovely to see you posting again. K xx

  2. You have had a rocking month so far - all gorgeous!

  3. Seriously?! In one month! and all so lovely.