Monday, 29 October 2012

Back from hols..

Just back today from a week in Portugal, it was so relaxing and chilled out. Kids manged fine without me, in fact they managed super fine without me! Hubby had the house spotless and all the laundry done so full marks for him too. Maybe I should go away more often. Walking to the nearby town I wondered aloud about whether or not there would be anyway selling fabric, my sisters groaned and then as luck would have it we turned a corner and found the most fabulous craft and fabric store.

It was the first time I have seen Tilda fabric and I fell in love. The cotton is super soft and the quality is second to none. I ended up spending a large amount of my budget on fabric and then I found out that they were holding a Purse workshop the next day. I went the next afternoon and found myself in the middle of 10 Portuguese women where only one spoke a little English. It didn't matter much though as I really enjoyed it and could follow what they were doing without any mishap. But when I saw the work-space I realised there were no sewing machines and we were to hand sew the purse, ha ha ha.

Well fast forward to nearly 4 hours later and I left holding my new purse. I'm pretty happy with the result and gave it to my sister. I will post photos of the fabric I bought tomorrow as I want to show them in daylight to convey them at their best. I'll catch up on all your blogs this evening and I wish everyone a happy and productive mid term, if that's possible!

Geraldine x


  1. That purse is gorgeous! Love the fabric, so cute and the colors too. Where in Portugal were you?

  2. Glad you had such a nice trip and even better - came home to an organized and clean house.

    LOVE the little purse.

  3. Fair play to you!, the purse is a cutie!.

  4. It looks fab! Love the little stripe up the center and the stitched frame. Beauty!