Thursday, 11 October 2012

Another week gone...

My goodness time is flying by, I can't believe that it's a week since I last posted here. I've been really busy all week designing new felt decorations and piecing together some table mats. I love being busy with sewing, I wasn't so busy with hoovering, cleaning, ironing.....

I tried bunting for the first time too, I really enjoyed it and think it looks great. My sister has given me a challenge of deigning a felt Santa as a xmas decoration. Now he's quite a complicated fellow so I'm still figuring out that one!

It's really nice having some hand sewing for the evenings but I seem to have gotten a bit of a cold so now I'm just wrecked! I was really doing well today as well, as I was trying to ignore the familiar feeling of aching bones. But then this evening I sat down on the couch and haven't moved since!!!

Chat soon 


  1. I often think, leave the Christmas crafting until after Halloween. Then I panic, as Christmas isn't that far off. Maybe it's time to start. Love your penguins, especially all together, they look great. Sarah

  2. Loving those ornaments, especially the penguins. Hope you do really well at selling them.

  3. Love all that you've done! I'm a bunting freak (but don't share your enjoyment of making it....I have made hundreds of metres of the stuff, and I like it backed)getting it out for the least little celebration! On my Christmas Bunting I sew on little jingle bells, one to each point of the triangle.....customers love it!!