Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A little progress

It's been a funny week since I blogged last. Sophie has been sick yet again. Which is very unusual for her. She was extremely quiet and pale last Thursday when she came home from school and is still off. A quick trip to the hospital on Saturday was needed for an IV and back home again in the knowledge that it wasn't anything sinister. She is almost back to her best so normal life will resume.

She has been stuck to me for the last week, even including holding my hand while I'm on the laptop so I'm punching in my entries with one hand!!!

I have finished up a clutch of iPhone covers this week, they are very bright and cheery and I'm really happy with them.

I worked on some Christmas placemats last week and I did the binding this week as it was good to have some hand sewing to do while a certain someone was draped across me.

And finally I made a Santa Christmas tree decoration, I found it impossible to do the full figure so settled on just his head. I'm happy with him though as he's quite cute!

I'm going to work on my Christmas Tree Angel Decorations now as I think the ones I made a too fat for their heads! Sometimes sketches work on paper but not so much in reality.

So happy sewing everyone :)


  1. You are going to do so well at the craft sales! Hope the wee one is better and back at school as soon as possible.

  2. That's lots of sewing considering you had a poorly girl. Hope she's back to full health soon. Sarah

  3. This whole post makes me smile. I love the colors you have popping up!