Sunday, 23 September 2012

Sunny Sunday round up

Okay so between kids, appointments and a heap of other non sewing activities I didn't get very much done at all this week. I have a heap of pot holders and mug rugs that need binding so I might sort some of that out later on. 

This week I did however receive 2 beautiful place mats from Sarah at I really have loved Sarah's hand quilting technique so I was very happy to have some of it to myself. So the picture below is my two new place mats, forgive the photo I can't find my camera charger so I'm relying on my phone. Now I do know what room the charger is in but I can't face even opening the door because it's just a nightmare of stuff that I need to sort out. I'm perversely tempted to actually post a photo of my sitting room here, but I guess I don't know you guys well enough ha ha ha. In my defense we are in the middle of a house rejuvenation! (also known as a house ripping apart and then putting back together again really really slowly) are the beautiful place mats..

All my family like them, even my daughter Sophie liked them, she gave them a good rub and declared 'mmmm nice..' It's so funny the way she says it. A day later my son says 'you know these are really lovely' so at this stage I'm like, 'bloody hell, enough already I never hear this much praise for my stuff' ha ha

Then later on my hubby goes, 'Lennie loves the place mats too' and here she is

Now, I love my cat. But she is NEVER allowed on any table kitchen surface etc; But my word it was hard getting her off this mat. Last night she jumped up on the chair and was looking for the mat again! and get this: She only likes the blue one. Strange cat. 

Have a good Sunday everyone.


  1. They're beautiful! Luck you! And lucky kitty :)

  2. Love those placemats! Hope you little one is feeling better.

  3. Maybe you will have to make a very special placemat just for the cat?!

    Pomona x