Sunday, 30 September 2012

Cold and tired :(

I was out at a birthday party on Friday night and I'm still exhausted. This is why I rarely go out, I'm just not able for it!!!Added to which the carpenter while putting in the skirting board put a nail in the gas pipe so I was up at 2am waiting for the gas board to come and shut off the gas etc; So now I'm still tired and cold, but that's why God invented fleeces! I have one wrapped around me while typing this so really I should stop complaining and thank my hubby who has a better sense of smell than me for figuring out that 'no Geraldine that's not a glue smell' who knew that a lack of smelling power can be a dangerous thing. One of the most underrated senses. 

Anyway back to the sewing, I have finished hand binding about 20 Christmas Mug Rugs/Coasters. I'm calling them my 'winter window mug rugs' I know that really hand sewing binding is a bit extravagant for that many mug rugs, but I just can't seem to sew binding on the machine to a standard that I'm happy with. Plus I do enjoy a bit of hand sewing in the evening in front of the TV.

I have a baby girl quilt order that I need to start designing and I also have a tonne more of Xmas themed items to work on.

But for now I think I'll have a quick nap, this fleece is very comfy!


  1. They are LOVELY! I always hand bind for exactly the same reasons. Hope you now have the gas sorted out, and warmth is once again on tap.

  2. They look SUPER Gwen, really great idea..., gonna check out your hangers now.

    Emmmm my mug rugs aren't christmassy for a christmas fair, emmm.... need to change this maybe?

  3. They're beautiful! Great for handwork with the TV on.