Friday, 31 August 2012

Twin quilts, Doll quilts, Aprons & More...

It's been a busy week here with both sewing and school starts and about to starts. As my friend received her gift of two twin boy quilts I can now post a photo of them here. I was really happy with how they turned out and I hope the beautiful boys enjoy them for many years.

I had to make quite a few aprons and iPad and iPhone covers this week as my stock was running low in the gift shop who stock some of my items I also had an order in for a custom and personalised apron. I really enjoyed making this one and the recipient loved it too!

I took part in a mini private swap and I made a doll's quilt. I didn't know there was such a thing but boy did I enjoy making it! When you are making a lot of the same thing it's lovely to have a diverse small project to sink your teeth into.

I love this quilt so much that I'm going to make it into a larger quilt for my daughter Sophie. She took a real shine to it, kept pointing to her t-shirt and said 'pink'. She insisted that I photograph her holding it. Look how delicately she is holding it at the corners. So so sweet. She starts back in school on Monday and that will be a happy day, she can't wait to get back into her routine. It's a common complaint from parents of special needs kids about how most hate any change to routine and it can affect them terribly.

Next on my list was to make a range of iPhone covers from the 'Metro Living Circles' line from Robert Kaufman. I purchased these fabrics a little while ago from Cindy at I love the bold colours and they really suit being used as covers. I didn't think it could have been possible but I am beginning to run low on buttons so an order has gone through for more. I like to get mine from

I also for the first time used my rotary blade sharpener that I purchased on ebay.

I bought the 'Twist n' Sharp' one pictured below, and followed the Pepper Cory tutorial on Youtube here . I was glad to report that it worked like a dream and sharpened my two blades like new. Which to be honest is brilliant as they cost €10 each and I got this for around €14. So does anyone else sharpen their rotary blades this way or what do you do to keep them going? I'd be interested to know.

As I write all this down I realise just what a great week it was for sewing and getting things done. Easy know my husband was at home since Tuesday! I've a busy weekend planned and now that both kids are in school from next week my output should be increased, that's the plan anyway.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Chat soon x


  1. You have been busy and everything looks brilliant.

    1. Thanks Susan :) I'm pretty happy with how things turned out. Both kids are back in school tomorrow, so there will be no excuse!

  2. Thanks Cal, I love this one myself :) Your parcel will be posted tomorrow x