Saturday, 25 August 2012

Random Things...

  1. I hate slugs, I hate them so so much. I hate snails too but as my sister says, at least they have the decency to hide half of themselves in a shell. This weather is just the bees knees for them and I can't move outside without freaking out. Seriously my worst nightmare.
  2. I've just ordered some more material that I really shouldn't have. Feeling a bit guilty.
  3. Why do I watch the X Factor when it's really more time efficient to watch the best bits on You Tube.
  4. Why does Jon Hamm only look amazing in Mad Men????

    Okay so there are the things that are on my mind at the moment.

I've been really busy today, making aprons. Going back to my what I started out doing. I was slightly dreading it today as I had a lot to get through. But I really enjoyed it, which is just as well becuase I have a whole day of them tomorrow too.

I've just posted my two baby quilts to my friend who had two beautiful twin boys recently. They are so so beautiful and I hope that they like their special quilts. I'll post photos just as soon as my friend gets them.

As soon as the aprons are finished I have a little swap to get into which I'm really looking forward to. 

My boy is starting Secondary School on Monday, I can't believe it!!!! 

My girl isn't starting until Monday week. Oh the joy. It's been the longest summer ever. Never again am I going through a crappy Irish summer without a holiday. I don't care if we live on 3 eggs, and 1 loaf of bread a week.

Hey ho, chat later.


  1. Made me smile! After living in France for 12 years, I LOVE just need PLENTY of garlic!! Looking forward to seeing the boy's quilts. And we went to France camping for 10 days....definately worth the eggs and bread. Plain pasta works too!! Good luck for your son's first day at secondary.

  2. Oh Kirstie you lucky thing, I've been many times to France and have never been to a region that I didn't like. I hope to go there next summer. As for the snails, well I'm afraid that my husband loves them too. He had them recently at a work dinner and when he told me I nearly passed out. He's not to tell me anymore as it took me a week before I could go near him!!! ha ha

  3. Get two hens. They'll eat every slug in the neighborhood. :)

  4. Oh my God Cindy! That's so horrendous to know. I feel slightly ill yet also glad that I eat neither chicken or eggs! ha ha