Thursday, 2 August 2012

Sewing bee and baby quilts

I haven't been able to do as much sewing since the school holidays as my sewing room is upstairs and my little girl doesn't like to be up there for too long so yesterday I moved everything down to the kitchen table. This has allowed me to potter away do my bits and pieces . 

This week a little package arrived with a bunch of scraps from Agnes in our Modern Irish Bee and the goal was to create two 'wonky house' blocks. It was a really nice thing to do as the materials were really bright and cheery so that helped with the grey skies we've had for most of the week .

I could see myself doing these again as they are a superb way of using up scraps and boy do I have a lot of those .

I've also started working on a baby boy quilt and I'll have photos of them soon. Now that I've decamped downstairs it will be easier for me to sew in the evenings too. In fact I'm thinking of swapping my small sewing room upstairs to a larger room downstairs. It used to be 'my' office but has over this last year become a teenage boy den so I don't know if I have the heart to kick them out !!!

I'll be back over the next day or so with photos and progress on my baby quilts  .



  1. Great, great bee blocks! I can't wait to dive into mine this weekend ;)

  2. Thanks Cindy, I really enjoyed doing them, cheered me up during this rotten week :) looking forward to seeing everyone else's