Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Craft Fair and tidy up

I was at the Christ Church Craft Fair last Monday and it was a glorious day, although the craft fair was located in the crypt! so there wasn't much daylight to be had. I didn't stop to realise what a strange location is was until I got there.

My Sophie Belle Designs Stall

But there was a nice buzz about the place. I was glad I came prepared with two extra lamps, I'm not fully convinced that anyone's products can be appreciated with no natural light on offer. That being said, it was great to chat to all the tourists who came in and there was one particular elderly American lady who I had a great conversation with about quilting. She knew her stuff, and I know she enjoyed talking through the different quilting and binding methods. Even though her friends were rushing her along she wasn't going anywhere until we had finished talking!

My sister helped me out for the day

My sewing room is in the process of a clean out. I have a full wardrobe which is full of toys and books from when it was Sophie's room, and as it's the box room in our house space is limited so it makes no sense to let it go to waste. I started clearing it out today and I can't even convey the absolute mess of the room, there isn't space to swing the proverbial cat at the best of times! It will be great when it's done though so I've set myself the limit of having it completed by tomorrow evening. I really want to get started on the MQGI quilt swap with the Atlanta Guild, I don't want to put myself under pressure and leave it too late. Has anyone else started on theirs? 


  1. I have picked out the fabrics and pattern for mine but won't get it started until Monday as I'm hoping to get to the quilt show in Galway for the weekend

  2. That's great to hear Linda, I'm not too far behind that. I'll start looking at a pattern over the new couple of days and now that my sewing room is like new I'll have no problem laying my hands on fabrics etc;