Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What tips do you use????

First things first, it's school holiday time so the chance to do some sewing is greatly diminished. But I'm pretty much okay with that because it was so busy coming up to Easter I'm glad to have a break too. So I've been attacking housework since the weekend. Every scrap of clothes in the house has been sorted, ironed and put away. There are 15 work shirts hanging merrily in the wardrobe. It's a great feeling to be finally on top of things.

Now just because I'm not sewing doesn't mean I'm not thinking about it! I decided to gather and photograph little bits and pieces that I use all the time for sewing but aren't necessarily sewing items. I wonder do you guys have similar things you use and are you willing to share your tips and tricks?

I use the lint roller all the time, I usually have a bunch of them in case I run out. I get these guys in IKEA. They are €1 each which is the cheapest I've seen yet. But not only are they cheap they are much better than others I have bought. The peel off on the diagonal and for some reason they are much easier to use than others.

I use my thin roll of masking tape all the time. If you want to use masking tape but are afraid that it is too sticky then just unroll what you need, and tape it onto your jeans or desk or whatever. Take it off and do it again and presto you now have low tac masking tape. This tip is used all the time in art too so that's where I got that one from.

Tweezers are so handy for many things. The only thing I don't seem to use them for is actually plucking my eyebrows!!! ha -- I must address that soon!

Tiny little bull-clips are brilliant for holding many layers of fabric and batting together. They are secure and they don't wobble about so that the seams match up really well.

The little metal ruler is sewing related but I only bought it recently. I find it very handy for small spaces that you need to measure.

The little tube on the right is for cleaning your iron. It is absolutely brilliant. My iron no matter how much care I take will eventually get brown marks on it. You know the feeling when you're absolutely sure that you put the interface on the right way round?? Yep, that's sure to make a mess of your iron, so this little beauty will make it look like new again.

On a different note, I bought the material for Sophie's Communion dress last weekend. It's just beautiful, it's pure silk, but a matt one. I love the sheen off it. I also got some netting and lining. I'm looking forward to making this up with my Mum in the coming weeks.


  1. We must be twins! I am in LOVE with my IKEA lint roller for sewing. I use it on me as well as on my cutting mat. They're fab. Tweezers have saved the day more than once too.

  2. I need some of those lint rollers. The girls are at that age that they are now getting embarrassed that I am always covered in threads.

  3. That reminds me that I need to get myself to IKEA! The beautiful fabric for the communion dress is exactly what my wedding dress - a long sheath with a front slit - was made of. Delightful!