Friday, 1 March 2013

Another week gone

I've had a busy week. There were some orders in for my Easter Baskets and pencil cases. Once I had these done and dusted I turned my attention to creating another quilt design. This time I wanted something that would make a dent in my scrap baskets and one that I could do in blocks rather than strip piecing.

I'm very excited about this design and even though I meant to sew it on an ongoing basis I already know that I haven't got the patience to do a block every now and then. I discovered the joys of chain piecing which is absolutely fantastic, saves so much time with the scissors and thread!


  1. I love these blocks...though personally, I've never got on with strip piecing! Can't wait to see finished quilt.....hurry up!! xx

  2. I had to come and visit your Blog after your nice comment and so glad I did! Lovely makes, the Easter baskets are adorable! I totally agree with you about chain piecing, I do it whenever possible!

  3. Those blocks are very cheery. Looking forward to seeing more ; )