Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday at last

It seemed like a long week. Half term may have added to that feeling, but mostly it was a rotten head cold that stayed with me all week. I'm finally feeling a bit brighter today and the sun even shone here in Dublin. A walk in the park with the kids today was so nice. Just having a bit of sunshine is wonderful.

Valentine's came and went, and lets just say that nobody got rich off us! It was quite funny actually as my daughter came home with a beautiful red flower and a fab card. We decided that it would be all of our Valentine's day card and the flower was quite enough too! I was too sick to even think about going to the shops. I did however draw a cartoon of my daughter Sophie and our cat Lennie for Valentine's.

Because of the mid term I didn't sew since Tuesday so I have little to show. I did make some personalised pencil cases though, and something else that I can't show yet.

I hope to get some sewing done over the weekend. 
Have a good one.

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