Sunday, 23 December 2012

I love it when a plan comes together..

I am happy to report that my home is now decorated after an unusually long spell. I found that my last minute sewing really put me back with regards to both decorating and buying presents, as in any presents. But after getting a babysitter yesterday myself and my hubby did a big blitz and managed to buy everything we needed in a few hours. 

After a quick visit to M&S this morning I got in the last of the food and we are now ready for lock down and a couple of comfy days indoors with the kids. I am so excited about Christmas this year as Sophie is very much into the whole package. Although I'm now trying to explain to her that she won't actually be seeing Santa on Christmas just that he will visit during the night. Anyway not the easiest of concepts for her to grasp but I'm hoping the joy of seeing her toys will distract her enough! She made a beautiful little decoration for the tree and she hung it on it yesterday, she is so proud and has shown everyone where it is when they come to visit. 

I want to make my Mum a fabric basket and then fill it with FQ's for her present. I'm thinking of doing to hexies as I have never tried them before. But other than that there will be no more sewing from me until after Christmas. The shop I supply in Dublin were looking for more stock but I had to draw the line as I've been so busy and I just couldn't justify spending more time in my sewing room when the kids were on their holidays. I just felt guilty and really just wanted to get the house in order and spend some time chilling out and watching Christmas movies, maybe some baking and you get the idea. Basically anything but sewing. 

My knitted crib came out again this year and I forget how cute it is every year. Sophie enjoyed handing them all to me, she also helped put up my original crib which I bought in a pound shop the year Jack was born for £10, it still has pride of place. Jack used to help me set it up every year and he still arranges it even though he's a teenager now!

I have found myself a wonderful babysitter and I'm determined to make good use of her in 2013. I'm terrible for going out and every new year I say we must do it more often and then never do. So I have already booked her in for the first Saturday in every month so that will give me the much needed kick up the ass to get going!

I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year.


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  1. Your house looks beautiful! Have a wonderful Christmas and takes lots of time to relax.