Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas time, no tree up, no decorations and no presents bought!!!

Okay so I'm really behind, but I'm only behind when I talk to other people or rather when they ask me am I 'all done' for Christmas. Well the answer is no, no I'm not done nor even near done but that is okay. I'm pretty relaxed about the whole thing as usual. It always comes together in the end. My daughter just wants a football and goalpost so I don't foresee a huge run on these items.

We started putting the pieces of our sitting room back this evening and now that we have our sofas back in their rightful position the place is beginning to look better. We will decorate for sure tomorrow. I just didn't want to do it this evening without my little girl Sophie around. She is so excited about Santa and Christmas that I'm dying to see if she'll help or even take an interest in the tree and trimmings. My boy Jack reckons she won't but I want to wait and see.

She has her Christmas concert on Wednesday and I'm going to miss it as I have to go to hospital for an injection that I've been waiting 9 months for. I can't not get it, but I'll admit to being devastated finding out that I was going to miss it. She did a very quick run through of her signs for me this evening. I've recruited hubby and sis in law to tape every second of it for me. I swear last years concert was amazing, it was the best Christmas present ever.

I've finished with all my craft fairs now and I'm finishing up on my last orders for Christmas, I'll be done by Wednesday for sure.

I did a little bit of retail therapy at the end of last week, I deserved to splash out on some fabric after all my hard work coming up to Christmas. My head is already bursting with ideas for the new year and I'll look forward to digging in to some new projects then. My hand and arm are still not fully recovered from all of my hand sewn Xmas decorations. it was badly swollen for about a week and I couldn't actually write anything! the sacrifices we make :)


  1. Please tell me what is the name of the fabric with the horses and bunnies?! Those fabrics are just precious!!!

    sowingstitches [dot] gmail [dot] com

  2. Don't forget to breathe - and enjoy yourself.