Friday, 18 May 2012

Well, it's freezing out, pouring rain and the heat is on full blast. I finished piecing the quilt today, I decided to go with this design.

The light is very poor so believe me when I say it looks better in person. I was going to use a light grey as the backing but didn't have a large enough piece so I nipped out to Hickeys and picked up a lovely green which goes really well with it. 

I was rummaging through material holding onto a few scraps to make sure I got the right one. I was thinking of using an orange but to be honest I decided against it in the end as it was too strong and it might keep a child awake instead of sending them off to sleep.

I'm thinking of using a black binding on this, like I did on my boy's transport quilt.

There are little bits of black in the main fabric, but I usually make my final decision on binding when all the quilt is done. As we are promised this weather for the weekend I might get a good bit of sewing done so hopefully will make good headway with this quilt over the weekend. Hope everyone has a good weekend, despite the weather.


  1. Looks lovely Geraldine - the quilt and the blog :-) I like the green backing for definite and think the black binding will be perfect!

  2. Sarah thanks so much for everything, you're an absolute star x